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P R Das is a student in the field of human excellence. He has conducted many workshops and delivered lectures on the same. He is a consultant to companies looking to take the performance of their employees to the next level. A masters' in Management Studies from the University of Westminster, he serves as a guest lecturer. As well he runs an organisation for the upliftment of people at Bottom of Pyramid through skills development.

The Day I turned Blind Vol.I

Every once in a while all of us get get a hard yet admirable kick to our senses. The things that we detaste most pays a visit to us and we are cut in the wrong foot. We feel the pain, anger, resentment it brings and most probably complain about it, which goes like this ‘why me?’.

Often it takes time for us to get to the root of the things and discover the purpose behind it. And at times the purpose is much bigger than the ones we had been living.

Like every other teenager who receives good grades in there A Levels (12th), I was in high spirits. And like moost, I decided to enjoy and party. We partied all night long at one of my friend’s farm house and some of us were out of our senses. During the wee hours of the morning we decided to head home. The guy in driver’s seat announced his bravery to drive safely inspite of the number of sips he had gulped down. No one did complain, after about few kilometers no one even remembers what happended only thing that flahses is a huge cracking sound.

Next when I returned to my senses I found myself in a hospital bed with my eyes covered with bandages. I tried in vain to open and see. My parents, friends and relatives were there to help me go through this painful stage. I was told corneas of both my eyes were damaged and need replacement for me to see the world again. I was also told that my left leg is fractured and it will take a month to recover fully.

Inspite of being sorrounded by so many I felt lonely and empty within. I started cursing myself for the actions and then started askign the same question: ‘why me?’ During my days at hospital I would remain silent and often ponder about ,’what will happen if I never get to see again?’ Often I would come up with a long list of sacrifices I have to make and would feel miserable by those. However slowly my focus shifted to a much deeper question: ‘What is the purpose of human beings on the planet and more specifically of mine?’

Please leave your comment to the above question and I will reveal the meaning the teenager found out in my next blog.