Is failing Salman Khan or Vice Versa?

Most of us have seen the adverts of, the online travel portal on Television. The adverts feature the most bankable superstar of Bollywood, whose name is sufficient to take a movie go past the magical 100cr figure. He is the most handsome, eligible bachelor with a massive fan following, yes you guessed it right: it is none other than the hunk Salman Khan.

He features prominently in the adverts of and seen mostly bargaining for cheap deals on behalf of consumers with the boss of the company in his inimitable style and yes he wins over every time thereby managing to fetch a cheap deal. And then he utters the iconic lines that ‘it is his commitment’ and we all know ‘once he commits to something, he will not even listen to himself’. So he urges customers that it is his commitment to provide them the cheapest travel deals online at

Now all this looks and sounds great, has come up with a bumper idea to woo customers to its side. And the star power of Salman Khan which is unbeatable is supporting its cause. However a close look at the adverts and the responses it generates seems a far cry from what it intends to achieve.

For anyone travelling especially by air convenience, service and time weighs over money. I would prefer an airline from a train journey because it is faster, cleaner, keeps me away from the crowded stations and is better suited to my life style. The price difference is hardly a factor I have ever taken into consideration in preferring an air journey over a train journey.

Now let’s look into the target market of which mainly is of holiday goers. As we know we plan our holiday’s way in advance and very meticulously. And most people plan their holidays better than their lives. So when a person sets out on booking for holidays, money is not the determining factor. He is looking at convenience and service, after all he wants to enjoy on holiday without getting into any hassle what so ever.

So instead of talking about price if would talk about service and convenience in their adverts, it will be more appealing. They are also failing to use the star power of Salman Khan to their advantage. Rather than showing him as the one who cuts deals for customers, they could portray him as a jet setting superstar who uses’s services for him and for his troops. People can relate to this better and the story will have more takers than that the one which is being shown.

It is not just Yaatra, there are many other companies who are spending millions in adverts to generate favorable customer response. However they are failing to tell a story that is coherent and trusted by their target group. It’s time for them to wake up and spend more intelligence than money in creating a story that resonates with customers’. After all customers’ in today’s world are the all-knowing kings.