The PingPong Ball

It has been a while since I had been to a village fair however I get instantly turned on with the thought of it. Last week I accidently came accross a fair during my trip. And I must tell you I had a wonderful time out there seeing, witnessing and experiencing the colourful extravagenza.

I ate to my heart’s content without giving a second thought to food hygiene. I tried shooting at the ballons and throwing the dice at the dolls and I must tell you I won big time and collected goodies. However within me I was searching for a special thing and almost like a child I jumped in excitement upon seeing that thing.  Its a PingPong ball.

I went straight to the seller and bought a dozen of them and gave it as a gift to the children playing around. My companion to the fair was taken back by my behaviour and wanted to know ‘What is so unique about this ball?”

I without pausing told her this ball teaches us two valuable lessons:

A) The ball goes down hits the floor and bounces back higher; it reminds me of human beings. Most of us go through ups and downs in our lives. However the ones who achieve lasting success are the ones who learn to bounce back everytime they are down.

B) It also reminds me of society or people around us that are mostly myopic and become critical of people going down. As they only see the ball (person) going down and fail to see that soon it is going to bounce back stronger & higher. Therefore never underestimate or criticize someone who is going through a tough time. As well never fall prey to others negative tweets while you are going down.