Walking Taller

Have you ever asked the question why I always get a harsh bargain? Why problems do not seem to die? and why there is never a day without a challenge?
I asked the same question years back, completing my Engineering after spending all the hard earned savings of my parents, there seemed no job for me. I would run from pillar to post in search of a Job. Every morning and evening I would scan the newspapers in search of a suitable vacancy, make a list and follow up. Slowly I started to exhaust all that I had brought from home to this new city.

However luck smiled on me at last and I got a job. Now I was elated to know that my problems are over. However the first day of Job I was introduced to my team leader, I knew I would never get along. There came another problem. I wish the team leader get transferred, leave the job or don’t come to office. However none of these things would happen and every day I would face his wrath.
Again something magical took place and he got promoted, the person who replaced him was very likable. Life is back to normal minus the problems.
Little did I know another one is harping at the corner, my girlfriend of five years dumped me and I am single. Before I could complain ‘why this problem’? Not Again!

I met a old man who worked as a janitor of my building. He had one of the most caring and soothing voices, I shared everything with him expecting some sympathy. However instead he beat me to ground saying, ‘the reason we have problems is because we grow taller and stronger by them’. I could not reason with him as my emotions overshadowed his wise words.

However later I reflected on what he said and realized the truth behind it. There will be never be a time when problems will die or cease, however if they were not there we would have never developed a superior courage or belief in ourselves.

To walk taller and stronger stare at the problems and overcome them. “Your measure of greatness is in direction proportion to your ability to handle problems”. Make it a habit, you will create a wonderful leaving