‘New Year’ Resolutions

Since my childhood I have observed everyone around me celebrating the arrival of a year with tremedous zeal & enthusiasm. They buy greeting cards (paper ones which are eventually replaced with e-cards) and give it to their friends and relatives wishing them all the best for the coming year. Everybody wishes that the coming year brings them loads of good luck and makes their lives richer, healither and happier.

All most everyone now a days get so pumped up on 31st December that they come out of their shells to welcome the coming year with tremendous spirit. People who are generally reserved and shy & would not open up tend to burn their entire energy that night on the dance floor. I must admit they increase the TRPs of the dance floor.

Apart from celebration there is another thing that has caught onto people’s imagination ‘Resolutions’. And often people repeat the resolutions of the last year, as they had not been able to follow it up.

So 31st December has turned out to be a day of celebrations and resolutions of which none of them last. As we sleep walk into another year we forget all the promises we had made to ourselves and fall back onto our old habbits and patterns that serve us in the short run creating tremendous damage in the long run.

Is it possible that we live each day with the same enthusiasm as if it is the 1st day of each year and celebrate the night as if it is 31st december? Why not make ‘daily resolutions & promises and keep it through the entire day’ and celebrate at night ‘to know that we have succeed in keeping our promises and to welcome the next day with renewed energy and enthusiasm’. 

“Nothing great is ever achieved without working hard to lay a solid foundation”




The S Word

On a recent trip to a northen hill station, I met one of my college friend. He looked cheerful and years younger than me. He welcomed me with a bright smile and a warm hug. Although I had booked a hotel, he insisted that I spend that night with his entire family.

I remember this friend of mine used to be one of the most brilliant students of our class. He was the go to person for any study related queries. And I must confess I was jealous of his popularity. Everyone of us were certain that he will grow up to a high paying job. After completing graduation all of us moved in different direction and had hardly any time to keep in touch with eachother.

Now almost after a decade I am meeting him and I came to know that he works for the state government’s Public Relation Department. This is a decent paying job and he lives in his ancestral house which of course needs a lot of renovation. As well he drives the old Hero Honda Splendor. This left me with a lot of unaswered question and most of important of them how come he is so happy inspite of not achieving the materialistic targets?

After a lovely dinner at night, we went to his terrace. It was cold and we were having a hot coffee together. And I could not refrain myself from asking the obivous. He remained silent for a while and then answered it so beautifully that changed my prespective on life.

Here it goes, “after completing graduation I went to work for one of the well known media companies in Mumbai. However soon I became fade up with it. I saw humans without any human characteristics and values; they were more like machines working on commands. I fled that place and came back to my home town and applied for this government job. I soon got selected because of my academics and experience. I enjoy this job very much although it does not pay me to take overseas vacations twice a year or to buy a car. I enjoy helping common man get access to varius government schemes, I see the gratitude and pleasure in their eyes. And this makes me go to bed at night without any guilt or fear. And I must tell you since last nine and half years I have never experienced a sleepless night. I am blessed to be staying with my family and not with facebook. I am blessed to enjoy the beauty of nature and breath fresh air and eat fresh vegetables. ”

He paused for a moment and the silence was awakard for me as I was so drawn into the conversation. He then dropped a bomb, “ Success to me is to be in peace with myself & enjoy every moment of my life. Whereas most people  tend to put off their enjoyment till their vacations or their retiremnet and I wonder do they really enjoy then?”

I said ‘no wonder you look years younger …..’

So what is your definition of Success? Plz Leave your comment….